About the Program

Program Description & Learning Outcomes

The Frank J. Rooney School of Professional And Career Education (PACE) of Barry University offers a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program.

The MPA Program is the Barry University gateway of democracy and scholarship to the Public Administration graduate experience. Scholarship is the pursuit of knowledge and truth, which resonates with the authentic Dominican heritage. The pursuit of truth necessitates comprehensive steadfast commitment to serve a particular society and culture. Truth is inseparable from its quest, which is knowledge, and knowledge is the way of situating us in the world so that we can serve the world for its greater good. This relationship can be no more clearly demonstrated than in public service.

Consistent with the mission of Barry University, the faculty in the MPA degree program is committed to the highest academic standards in graduate and professional education. The MPA degree program is designed as a degree program for career professionals with a focus on the administration of public, non-profit, and other organizations which serve a public purpose. The MPA is considered to be the terminal professional degree for practitioners in public service. Its philosophical background and explicit content are grounded in an assessment of how the modern public sector workplace has evolved and the factors responsible for this evolution. The curriculum is designed to address the critical administrative competencies in the public and nonprofit sectors through skills development and enhancement in the context of a theoretical foundation. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Apply graduate research methods and techniques and to evaluate the effectiveness of public programs and the outcomes of policy alternatives.
  • Synthesize the concepts associated with ethical behavior and social responsibility that will engage students in a meaningful effort to affect social change and promote social justice.
  • Evaluate leadership qualities and analyze the rule of law in administrative procedures, as well as diverse roles in effective administrative decision making.
  • Evaluate the process for planning for change and the various means of production in the public sector, leading to ways to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Synthesize, analyze, and apply theories and principles of public administration.

An Online MPA program is also available.

Nonprofit Administration Specialization

Students in the MPA program that have an interest in the nonprofit sector also have an opportunity to earn a Specialization in Nonprofit Administration. As a part of the MPA program the Specialization will inform the distinctive administration skills needed by those working in nonprofit agencies and those working in both private and public sectors that work in partnership with nonprofit organizations. This specialization is intended for new and current Barry University MPA students who want to acquire skills in leading nonprofit organizations. The specialization courses are offered fully online and at selected sites across the state of Florida.