Program Options: How Long Will It Take?

You can complete the School Psychology program on a full-time or part-time basis.

Accommodating Working Professionals

Classes are held Mondays through Thursday, Some students choose to work during the day as substitute teachers or behavioral therapists, and a select few are chosen for the graduate assistantship positions in The School of Education, The School Psychology Program or in the CARE Center.

If you plan on working full-time while pursuing your degree, we recommend that you choose the part-time program option.

Students are required to join professional organizations for school psychologists and to participate in on campus workshops and seminars as well as professional meetings attended by school psychologists.


Two years of class, one year of field work

Barry University considers full-time study as 9 graduate credits (3 courses) per semester. Full-time students who do not deviate from the recommended course sequence may complete both The Master Degree in School Psychology and the Specialist Degree in School Psychology programs in three years (12 hours per semester and two to three summers). The School Psychology Internship requires a full-time commitment.


Four years of class, one year of field work

Students taking fewer than four courses a semester are considered part-time. You may complete the program by taking two courses per semester.

The internship is typically done during the course of one year. The School Psychology Internship requires a full-time commitment.

Customized Curriculum

If you already have a master's degree in a related field (such as counseling, special education, social work, or clinical psychology), a program advisor will work with you to develop a customized program.