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School of Social Work Students attend Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy’s (CRISP) Third Annual Social Work Day on the Hill

Thanks to the Student Academic Leadership Fellowship, four BarryU SSW students assisted the Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy’s (CRISP) Third Annual Social Work Day on the Hill. Students Daryl Campbell, Zacharys (Sasha) Morales, Hailee Jefferys, and Tiffany Hodgson were invited to represent Barry University School of Social Work at this event. This year’s event honored former Congressman Edolphus “Ed” Towns and launch the Ed Towns Congressional Fellows Program.

Former Congressman Towns founded the Congressional Social Work Caucus in 2010 to provide a platform on the Hill that allows social workers to engage Congress through various activities and to expand access to internships for social work students.

He created Social Work Day on the Hill in 2015 as a day during Social Work Month when national social work organizations, social work schools and departments, and social workers of all stripes could gather on the Hill to salute social work Members of Congress and celebrate the many contributions social workers have made to our nation through service with the federal government.

Daryl Campbell, MSW (Summer ’17)
Area of Interest:

  • Social Work Policy Analysis
  • Assessing and Treating Mental Health Disorders
  • Substance Use Disorders

Zacharys (Sasha) Morales, MSW (Spring ’17)
Area of Interest:

  • Clinical Practice with Children and Adolescents
  • Human Services and Non-profit Organizational Management

Hailee Jefferys, BSW (Spring ’17)
Area of interest:

  • Clinical Practice with adolescents and adults, who have experienced interpersonal trauma, specifically sexual assault and domestic violence
  • Community mental health outreach and education.

Tiffany Hodgson, BSW (Spring ’18)
Area of interest:

  • Mothers diagnosed with Postpartum Depression & Psychosis

Students in Action

BSW Student attends Coalition of Schools Education Boys of Colors conference in Boston

Tiffany Y. Hodgson was chosen to attend the Coalition of Schools Education Boys of Colors conference through the SSW Student Fellowship this past semester. “It was a humble honor and a life-changing experience to have been chosen to attend the. As a result of sharing that space with internationally recognized leaders from diverse academic professions such as superintendents, deans, directors, and clinicians, I was afforded the privilege to walk away with a different perspective.

I was able to better understand the challenges that professionals are faced with when dealing with our undeserved youth of color. It is one thing to sit in a classroom and gain theoretical knowledge from our texts and conversations; it is, however, an entirely different matter when, as a new student, you have the privilege to listen as a mother gives testimony about how she survived the murder of her son. Theoretical definitions of ‘trauma’ pale in comparison to sitting in front of a man who shares how as a child, he began cutting himself because he thought he was too overweight to be accepted by his peers. Dr. Lonise Bias (the survivor of the death of her son) when asked how she survived such loss said, “Death does not bury love”. She found her resiliency and was able to heal within the context of relationships. And this was my takeaway: whether we are discussing individuals in Micro, Mezzo, or Macro setting, it all begins with our relationships to one another. I am proud and privileged to be a part of the School of Social Work at Barry University that is teaching us just that.

Students in Action

Students travel to Haiti for Alternative Spring Break

Thanks to the SSW Student Fellowship fund, MSW student Ana Miranda (right) and BSW student Quayneshia Smith (left) traveled to Haiti in March with the Alternative Breaks program, which was coordinated by the CCSI. Both students have expressed a strong passion to help others through volunteer work and their social work profession, so when they found out about the program, it was a perfect fit.

“Even in high school I heard about these kinds of trips, so that’s something I always wanted to do,” said Smith. “Go to a new place and you learn about different ways people live and ways that you can help, so when I found out about it my freshman year I did it and have been doing it every year since. I will continue to do it until my last year here at Barry.”

Before the trip, the seven students and faculty members that went met weekly to discuss the issues that the population is facing, the community they are going to be visiting, culture sensitivity, what they will see and what to expect. The meetings prepared the group for the trip and helped them build relationships amongst each other and learn about the community that they would be visiting.

Once there, the students got a chance to visit a hospital, among other places, where they realized that there was an immense need for social workers and counseling for family members.

“The counselors are only there to aid patients, so anyone else in the region that needs counseling or someone to talk doesn’t have much of a choice. There was no other person available for them,” said Miranda.

“As a social worker, having the opportunity to do these trips confirms the importance of working with the community. I see how you can sit behind a desk, write policies and advocate all you want, but unless you go to these communities and see and talk to these people, see what they need, what they're going through and actually have that one-on-one rapport, I don’t think you’re going to be as passionate as you could be,” said Smith. “You have to be with the people; commune with them, eat with them, talk to them to really get a full understanding to all the aspects of them. It makes you more driven and helps you advocate for their needs and what they really want.”

Students in Action

MSW student receives Fellowships to attend conference hosted by Sexuality and Social Work Interest Group in Switzerland

Thanks to the SSW Student Fellowship fund, MSW student Romel Santiago traveled to Olten, Switzerland on Summer 2016 to participate in the Transgressing Boundaries and the Intersection of Sexualities in Social Work Conference hosted by the Sexuality and Social Work Interest Group. Romel facilitated a presentation entitled: "What About Us: Understanding and Engaging Non-Gay Identified Men who have Sex with Men."

Students in Action

Social Works students receive Fellowships to attend the 2015 Human Trafficking Summit

The Center for Human Rights and Social Justice in collaboration with Professor Sambra Zaoui at the BUSSW offered 12 fellowships to Social Work students to participate in the 2015 Human Trafficking Summit this past month. Students had the opportunity to learn about prevention, intervention, policy, and advocacy associated with human trafficking.

Additionally, students engaged in discussion on how to integrate social work practice to Florida’s efforts of eradicating human trafficking and modern day slavery. As a result of their attendance, fellowship recipients lead human rights activities focused on addressing human trafficking during their studies.