Degree Requirements

The BS in criminology requires the completion of 120 credit hours. These hours include 39-42 credits in the major and 78-81 credits in distribution requirements and general electives. Additional information on all requirements can be found in the Barry University Catalogue.

The major area requirements are:

Core Courses

CRM 200Introduction to Criminology
SOC 320Sociology of Law
SOC 409Research Methodology
SOC 410Theories of Deviance
CRM 487Senior Seminar

Organizational-Institutional Courses

SOC 204Social Problems
CRM 202Juvenile Delinquency
CRM 300Special Topics
CRM 311Corrections
CRM 309Police and Policing
CRM 307Critical Issues in Criminal Justice
SOC 326Sociology of Violence
CRM 499Internship

Cultural-Inequalities-Specialization Courses

CRM 300Special Topics
CRM 305Women and Crime
CRM 328Race, Class and Crime
SOC 332Drugs and Society
CRM 317Elite and Organized Crime
SOC 370Social Psychology