Leadership Outlines

The Department of Center for Student Involvement provides Leadership Development programming to offer students opportunities to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership that includes self understanding, respect for others, and acknowledgement of responsibilities inherent in a community. Through a variety of programs, students can choose the course of action that best fits their needs and interests. At Barry University, the Leadership Development program is divided into three (3) components:


The purpose of these conferences is to provide student leaders with the opportunity to interact with their peers from Barry University and/or surrounding institutions, allowing them to form friendships, gather ideas, and promote intercollegiate cooperative program planning. Most conferences will feature a keynote speaker and a series of breakout sessions aimed at addressing issues that are pertinent to both established and emerging student leaders.


These workshops are designed to provide you with the opportunity to understand and explore the concept of leadership, assess your interests, improve your skills, and learn more about working with others. The seminars are generally one hour long and are held at a variety of times and locations. The Department of Center for Student Involvement understands that individual leadership skill levels are unique and each year different needs and/or issues will be at the forefront. Therefore, seminar topics will vary each semester and suggestions for new topics will be researched and provided as needed.


Retreats are developed as a learning adventure. The goal of leadership retreats is to offer students experiential learning opportunities to develop a variety of leadership skills. A retreat will allow both new and seasoned student leaders an opportunity to interact with one another, sharing knowledge, demonstrating key principles of group dynamics, developing effective communication techniques, and building teamwork skills. In addition, attendees at a retreat will have the opportunity to challenge their personal limits and grow as an individual.