Sport Management

Bachelor's degree in Sport Management will prepare you for a broad range of careers and enable you to focus on your particular area of interest, such as sport administration, sport marketing, or risk management.

The bachelor's program in Sport Management at Barry offers distinct advantages:

Internship Opportunities. A location with Florida's ideal climate and extraordinary array of sport venues provides you with incomparable internship opportunities and year-round access to a variety of sport-related activities.

Experienced Faculty. Professors who possess strong academic credentials and experience in the field and who are committed to helping you to achieve your professional goals.

Solid preparation. A minor in business forms part of the sport management bachelors, ensuring a broad understanding that will enable you to adapt to new developments throughout your career. You can also add broadcast communication and public relations courses to the program, further increasing your marketability.

The Sport Management program requires a total of 120 credit-hours, including 33credit-hours specific to Sport Management and an additional 17 credit-hours in the Sport and Exercise Science (SES) Core. An 18 credit-hour minor in Business is included in the 120 credit-hour total.

Sport Management Core (21 Credits)

CS 180Intro to Computers
SES 250Sport and Recreational Management
SES 485Introduction to Law In SES
SES 499Internship in Sport Management

Additional Sport Management Requirements (12 Credits)

SES 260Leisure Planning and Programming
SES 380Facility Design & Event Management
SES 440Sport Marketing, Promotions & Fund Raising
SES 444Financial Applications to Sport

Sport & Exercise Sciences Core (17 Credits)

SES 210Foundations of Sport & Exercise
SES 112/112LCPR/AED for Professional Rescuer & Lab
SES 335Intro to Sport Psychology
SES 340Adapted Physical Activity, Recreation & Sport
SES 360/LEssentials of Exercise Physiology & Lab
SES 480Contemporary Issues & Ethics in SES

Sport Management Electives (5 Credits Minimum)

SES 431Media Relations in Sport
COM 200Introduction to Mass Media
COM 390Principles of Public Relations
ENG 417Advertising Copywriting
ENG 418Publication Production and Layout

Minor In Business (18 Credits)

ACC 201Financial Accounting
ECO 201Intro. Macroeconomics
(3 hrs. counted in Distribution)
BUS 315Intro. to Management Systems
MGT 305Organizational Behavior & Management
MGT 352Human Resource Management
MKT 306Marketing Concepts and Applications
MKT 385Consumer Behavior

Distribution Requirements With Co-Requisites (47 Credits)

Theology And Philosophy (9 Credits)

  • THE 201
  • PHI 220

Communication Arts - Oral And Written (9 Credits)

  • ENG 111
  • ENG 112/210
  • SPE 101 or COM 104 or TH 155

Science And Mathematics (11 Credits)

  • BIO 220/220L
  • MAT 152

Behavioral And Social Sciences (9 Credits)

  • ECO 201
  • PSY 281
  • SOC 201

Humanities And Fine Arts (9 Credits)