What Students are Saying

“I chose the program because it is conducive for the working student. After looking at many graduate programs in South Florida, it was the only one that blended public relations and corporate communication. I was impressed with the attention I was given prior to beginning the program. I felt like just a number when applying at other institutions. The classes are small and diverse so it allows for great dialogue with a variety of perspectives. My advisor has really been a huge help and support as I navigate through my thesis as well.”
Betsy Thomas – Master of Arts in Public Relations and Corporate Communication 2012

“I chose Barry University because it is a small, close knit community that I knew would give me the personal attention I need to succeed academically. Also, the incorporation of the public relations and communications as a major really aligns with my goals to bring social change to a community. The greatest benefit is being a part of the mission to create social change and being a relevant participant in society equipped with practical and cultivating knowledge within communication. The professors also played a major part in the furtherance of academic success and personal growth. They are really genuine and caring. I love them.”
Shantrell Page – Master of Arts in Public Relations and Corporate Communication 2012

“Out of the three big universities in Miami, Barry University was the only one that offered evening classes so one could work. Also, I was allowed to submit a portfolio in lieu of the GRE because of my professional experience.  The biggest benefit that I feel this program provides is that it offers both public relations and corporate communication, which the other local universities do not have.”
Monica Glukstad – Master of Arts in Public Relations and Corporate Communication 2013

“I decided to study in Miami because I had family here. However, I chose Barry University because after I compared it with the other alternatives in the area, Barry had the best schema, program and location. In particular, I really enjoy the small classes. I feel the biggest benefit of this program is the tools and knowledge that my professors and peers gave me throughout my studies.”  
Luis Bello – Master of Arts in Public Relations and Corporate Communication, with a Certificate in Broadcast Communication 2012