Course Descriptions

301  Principles of Advertising (3)
Basic principles of advertising and their role in media and society. Includes advertising environment in the 21st Century, agency and client relationships, consumer behavior, ethics, and the role of research, creative appeals, and media selection in advertising effectiveness. Study of the organization of the advertising profession.

362  Advertising Media Planning (3)
Planning execution and control of advertising media programs. Fundamental characteristics of the media. Buying and selling process. Techniques and methods used in advertising media planning process. Prerequisites: ADV 301, and MAT 152 or permission of the instructor.

401  Advertising Creative Strategy & Execution (3)
The role of strategy in the creation and design of advertising. Writing effective copy for print and broadcast media. Prerequisites: ADV 301, ENG 111. ART 205 recommended.

442  Advertising and Social Responsibility (3)
Critical examination of the impact of advertising on society and culture. Advertising’s role in the formation of trends, social habits, and other patterns of behavior as they pertain to multiple groups within society.  Prosocial uses of advertising will also be discussed.

470  Advertising Campaigns (3)
Capstone course emphasizing the planning and creation of advertising campaigns. Students will complete and present a multimedia advertising campaign. Prerequisites: ADV 301, ADV 401, and ADV 362.

480  International Advertising (3)
Major theoretical and managerial issues in international advertising and advertising directed at cultural minorities within countries.

484  Public Relations/Advertising Research (3)
Introduction to public relations and advertising research methodology. Includes planning, measurement, evaluation, and reporting of results. Prerequisites: ADV 301, COM 390, and MAT 152 or permission from the instructor.  Same as COM 484.

499  Internship (3-12)
Practical experience in advertising in a professional setting. CR/NC grade; unpaid internships only. Prerequisites: Senior standing (90+ credit hours); 2.5 overall G.P.A. with minimum 3.0 G.P.A. in major; approval of Advisor, Department Chair, and Dean.

200  Introduction to Mass Media (3)
Processes, systems, and effects of the printed and electronic media; the role of newspapers, magazines, movies, radio, and television.

201  Introduction to Communication (3)
This course provides an overview of the human communication discipline. Students will be introduced to various topics within Communication, including the rudiments of communication theory and a survey of communication contexts (e.g., interpersonal, small group, organizational, public, mass, and intercultural).

390  Principles and Case Studies of Public Relations (3)
Basic concepts of public relations; case studies; the tools and media used in communication with the public.

412  Persuasion (3)
Beginning with Aristotle, this course provides an historical perspective on how persuasion has evolved to modern times. Emphasis on factors such as attention, perception, needs, values, and credibility. Practice in presentation of persuasive oral and written communication. Emphasis given to persuasive campaigns. Prerequisites: COM 201 and either SPE 101 or COM 104.

495  Communication Law (3)
Studies in the current laws governing the mass media. Role of the FCC, libel, privacy, and First Amendment issues.

Production Co-Requisites

PHO 305 Computer Imaging I (3)
Students explore the usage of the computer to make and manipulate photographic images. Tools and techniques include color balancing, painting, cloning, text, and making composite photographs. Prerequisite: CAT 101 or 102 or CS 180 or equivalent.

ART 205 Graphic Design Foundation (3)
An introduction to the many tools involved in the creation of professional design problems including the Macintosh platform. Students will evaluate the assignments and solve these problems using the appropriate tools. A strong focus will be placed on technology and professional presentation skills. Computer software, one, two and four color printing and the artistic processes of graphic design will be explored.

Marketing Co-Requisites

MKT 306 Marketing Concepts and Applications (3)
Elements of the marketing functions in bringing the organization’s goods and services from the producers to the consumer.

MKT 385 – Consumer Behavior (3)
An analysis of the actions and decision processes of individuals and organizations involved in discovering evaluating, acquiring, consuming and disposing of products and services. The disciplines of Marketing, Psychology, and Sociology will be used to understand how consumer behavior is the basis for management decision making. Prerequisite: MKT 306.

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