Literature Specialization

The literature curriculum encourages a broad exposure to literature of various cultures, literary periods, genres and themes; the development of critical, analytic, and interpretive skills in reading texts; and strong competencies in research and written communication. Students are prepared for postgraduate studies and teaching as well as for careers in fields that value a meaningful commitment to the Liberal Arts tradition as well as the critical thinking, research and writing skills acquired in a core humanities major.

If you are interested in our dynamic program, please contact the Department of English and Foreign Languages at 305-899-3410, or 1-800-756-6000, ext. 4568. E-mail:

"I remember when I started taking literature classes. My first course was Major British writers, and my professor told me that if I’m not underlining, then I’m not reading the text closely. Specializing in Literature has helped me read between the lines and has opened new doors to possibility of seeing works in a whole new light. Reading closely is not about seeing what is on the surface, but the significance of what lies beneath."

Enrique Alvarado

"I specialize in Literature because I get to do what I love most: read."

Mary Naiad Lopez