Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Language and Literature Specialization

Why should I study Spanish at Barry University?

The importance of the Spanish language is an undisputed fact in our 21st century global community. Spoken by 400 million people, it is the second language of the Western Hemisphere. It is also the language of more than 22 countries.

At Barry University, Spanish majors will be surrounded by a diverse Hispanic community. Studying Spanish in a region known as the ‘gateway to South America' will provide unprecedented opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in education, business, international affairs, government, law, communication, history and philosophy. And it goes without saying that our students can practice speaking Spanish every day – on and off campus!

The Spanish program at Barry strives for proficiency in four basic skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as a deeper understanding of the Hispanic culture. Just as the Internet has changed the sense of distance between countries around the world, the study of language will further enhance the way we transmit and receive information in all areas of our lives.

Knowing another language will not only expand your range of personal opportunities but will give you important job-related skills and knowledge for that competitive edge in today's job market.

Spanish literature classes are offered to expose students to the major works of Spanish and Hispanic-American literature, and to the philosophical, historical, and cultural background of each work

In addition, all language classes have a required laboratory component, monitored by a specialized instructor.

Graduation Requirements

A minimum grade of C is required in all courses and a 2.5 GPA. If a student earns a grade below C in any of the courses the course must be repeated.

Spanish Language and Literature Specialization

The Spanish language and literature specialization consists of a minimum of 33 credits, including SPA 487 Senior Seminar, after the General Education requirement of 3 credits (according to placement) has been fulfilled; or a minimum of 30 credits for those students who complete a minor or double major in the same foreign language used to satisfy the 3 credits of the General Education requirement.

Required Courses:

SPA 304Advanced Spanish
SPA 307Advanced Conversation
SPA 315Reading and Text Analysis Techniques
SPA 316Techniques of Written Communication
SPA 487 Senior Seminar
Total:15 credits

Students will choose 12 credits from the following list of literature and culture courses:

SPA 333Spanish Culture
SPA 335Hispanic-American Culture
SPA 355Medieval and Golden Age Literature
SPA 35619th and 20th Century Spanish Literature
SPA 360Early Hispanic-American Literature
SPA 36120th Century Hispanic-American Literature
SPA 300Special Topics
SPA 447Contemporary Hispanic-American Fiction
Total:12 credits

The remaining 6 credits must be chosen from any other Spanish course, including SPA 499 internship.