Certificate Program in Translation and Interpretation

Individuals wishing to study only Translation and Interpretation without having to complete other university requirements may enroll as a non-degree seeking student. They will have the option of earning a Certificate in Translation and Interpretation by successfully completing the following courses. Students must choose a minimum of 24 credits.

To undertake this certificate program, students must demonstrate a minimum proficiency in Spanish and English at the intermediate-high level. Proficiency will be determined by examination. A minimum grade of C is required in all courses.

Required Courses

ENG 410 Advanced English Grammar
SPA 315 Reading and Text Analysis Techniques
SPA 316 Techniques of Written Communication
SPA 325 Introduction to Translation
SPA 326 Introduction to Interpretation
SPA 425 Advanced/Techniques of Translation
SPA 426 Advanced Techniques of Interpretation

Recommended courses

SPA 499 Internship