English Major Africana Studies Minor

Johania Charles

Johania Charles, Class of 2020

During my first two years at Barry, I was unsure whether I’d major in nursing or English. As I took more English and Humanities courses, I decided to stick with English and I can honestly say that I’m very happy with that decision. As both a student and former work-study of the department, I’ve been given many opportunities to apply myself through writing web stories, leading discussions for the Tournees French Film Festival, editing, and learning new genres and styles of writing. I was also fortunate enough to be introduced to writing opportunities outside the department such as the Barry Buccaneer Newspaper and the Honors Program where I currently serve as one of the Co-editors on the student advisory board. I’ve really enjoyed taking courses like World Literary Master Pieces, Harlem Renaissance, Caribbean Literature, Introduction to Fiction, Black Women Writers and the Villain. The assigned readings and discussions taking place in these courses were very fascinating and therefore; I am grateful to have had English professors who’ve implemented academic rigor into their courses and have gone above and beyond to push me to achieve my full potential both inside and outside of the university.

English Major Specialization Literature

Paola Grande Kuehn

Paola Grande Kuehn, Class of 2014

Barry University’s English Literature program is a high caliber degree program which requires you to bring your complete self, mind, body, soul, in order to fully receive all, it has to offer. This program has served me well throughout my years after college, specifically the critical thinking and reading skills I acquired in my time there. Dr. Alonso- Gallo and her passion for Latin American and Native American writings taught me how to embrace the diverse stories of others with honor, respect and care and her constant call to excellence formed me not only into a better learner and writer, but a better person. Dr. Bowers’ love of teaching is apparent form the moment you meet him, and he is a wealth of knowledge, especially when moving towards the upper level course. He taught me that there are more ways to come to knowing than our Western ways of learning, that knowing how to teach something you have learned to others, or understanding a writer’s writing style so well you can then imitate their work in your own words, are also ways of knowing and learning, that memorizing and reciting “facts” is not the only modality of learning . This program and all of its faculty understand the importance of a robust and well-rounded education, you can get by with minimal effort, as with anything in life, but what you will miss is the richness this program and its faculty bring not only to your learning venture, but to your life and future.

Major in Professional Writing and Philosophy
Minor in Translation and Interpretation

Raul Lopez

Raul Lopez, Class of 2019

I had a wonderful experience at Barry! As part of the English and the Philosophy departments, I had the pleasure of learning from some of the most incredible individuals during my time as a student. Their teachings not only prepared me for the workforce, but helped me become an overall better person. For that, and for so much more, I will always be eternally grateful.

I am currently an Employee Relations Generalist (HR) with a Buffalo-based law firm. In my profession, communication is vital to my everyday interactions. Be it reviewing resumes and speaking with candidates, writing reports and summaries, or communicating with the staff, my ability to be accurate and precise with the information is paramount. Having studied English, with a concentration in Professional English, has allowed me to do precisely that. Studying the written and spoken word can be incredibly helpful—and purely practical—for any career choice, and has afforded many opportunities that I never would’ve imagined possible.

English major with double specialization in literature and professional writing

Paris Razor

Paris Razor, Class of 2019

What I love about Barry's English program is the attention to detail and the mentorship that Barry's English professors provide to students. My undergraduate degree has prepared me well for the readings and assignments I will complete for my post-graduate career.

What makes a double specialization in literature and professional writing special is that it gives you a holistic point of view on the degree. To be a great writer you need to read and understand what makes literature great, while also taking classes that push you to write creatively with support from knowledgeable professors. The capstone and internship/writing portfolio needed to earn the specializations also helped to prepare me for my post-graduate career, whether I wanted to immediately go to grad school or enter the workforce.

Expanding my English major was also a privilege where I used my skills in serving my greater community. It is without a doubt an honor to have been under the mentorship of my advisor and professors at Barry as they nurtured me not only as a student, but as a writer and an engaged member of my community. I will always feel grateful for majoring in English at Barry University.