The color darkroom has fifteen dychroic enlargers and an automatic color processor. Our spacious black-and-white darkroom has twenty-five stations and enlargers. Classes are usually limited to 15 students to ensure that there is sufficient space for everyone to work, experiment, and learn. Both darkrooms are open seven days a week.

Additionally, our advanced darkroom, with three enlargers, is set up for alternative processes. This is the ideal setting for students who wish to experiment with unusual or non-traditional developing processes.


Zuzana Roskovensky, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography major (Creative Photography specialization), in the black-and-white darkroom.

Film Processing

The area for film processing and the RA4 processor for color prints

Black & White Darkroom

Black and white darkroom with 20 condenser enlargers and two cold light enlargers

Color Darkroom

Color dark room with 10 color dichroic enlargers, and a Hope 1620V RA4 color processor

Alternative Processes Darkroom

Alternative processes darkroom with plate burner

Color Enlarger

Color enlarger in the darkroom