Digital Imaging Lab

Mac Lab Adrian 216

The Fine Arts Mac lab, Adrian 216

Mac Lab Adrian 217

The Fine Arts Mac lab, Adrian 217 for smaller or advanced level classes

The two Fine Arts computer labs features the latest software, and hardware that is kept up to date. The larger lab has 22 iMacs and the smaller 16 iMacs, with a shared printing room. The department owns two wide-format digital printers (24-44" roll paper), one an Epson 9900 and four Epson Stylus Pro printers (17x22"), which use pigmented inks, with the capability for the use on high-quality paper for archival stability. We treat our digital prints with as much care and respect as we do our traditional darkroom prints.

As a photography major you will have access to the equipment and have the opportunity to learn how to print on a large format printer. Our course on fine arts digital printing pushes the technology to the quality and sophistication of darkroom printing, resulting in custom, high-end prints or digital negatives.

Digital Print

Zuzana Roskovensky, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography major, finishes a wide-format digital print.