Geography Minor

Why Minor in Geography

Geography matters. . .
Because it is relevant for answering the following questions:

  • Why are places where they are?
  • How did they get to be that way?
  • What is the relationship between people and places?
  • How does the local affect the global and vice versa?

Geography is widely defined as the study of the interconnections between the earth and the people who live on it. Knowledge of Geography and spatial analysis (where things are and why they are there) is important in any discipline of study and teaches skills that are necessary and sought after by many employers. Global environmental and social problems now can be analyzed with the aid of new geospatial technologies such as Geographic Information System (GIS) a course required for completion of the minor.

To complete the minor, students need to complete 21 credit hours from the courses below: and must include GEO 203, GEO 205, GEO 301, GEO 499.

GEO 203Introduction to Geography*
GEO 305Introduction to Mapping and GIS*
GEO 301World Environments, People and Places*
GEO 303Geography of Europe
GEO 305Geography of Latin America
GEO 307Physical Geography
GEO 308Geography of the United States
GEO 320Geography of Disasters
GEO 346Geography Politics and Power
GEO 399Independent Study
GEO 499Internship/Field Experience*

*Required for the Minor

Students interested in pursuing a minor in Geography are encouraged to contact Dr. Mary Caravelis for more information.