The program provides for internships at many hospital and clinical affiliate sites throughout Florida. During the internship phase of the program, students receive comprehensive, practical experience to prepare them for the certification exam.

Note: Please note that certification agencies may change the qualifying requirements; it is the student’s obligation to meet those requirements.

Alix Vieux, BSMT
Pathology Manager

I would tell students coming into the lab for their internship that they are well on their way to becoming 'laboratory detectives'; a histotechnologist is a lab detective that processes hard evidence – tissue samples and body fluids. Routine tissue processing can take four to sixteen hours to find the 'clues,' whereas a rushed case using frozen sections can take twenty minutes or less.

In a hospital setting, the histotechnologist is not isolated; he/she interacts with other areas besides pathology. A close relationship with microbiology and hematology is warranted -- it is an exciting and lively work environment.