Welcome to the Department of Physical Sciences

We offer foundational and advanced courses in Chemistry and Physics. Students may obtain one of two undergraduate degrees: the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with specialization in Biochemistry. In addition, those in other degree programs may earn a Chemistry or Physics minor.

Why Study Chemistry/Biochemistry and Physics?

Barry"s Physical Sciences department prioritizes hands-on mentorship from accomplished and approachable faculty, ensuring that our graduates have every opportunity to realize their academic and career ambitions. Here are just a few of the ways we help ensure your success:

  • 12:1 faculty-to-student ratio
  • Learning about the captivating world of chemistry through curriculum which offers thorough fundamental knowledge of general, organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical chemistry, plus additional specialized areas such as biochemistry.
  • Collaboratively applying chemistry, biochemistry and physics concepts in response to the emergence of environmental, social, economic, or health issues in the local and global community
  • One-on-one chemistry, biochemistry and physics faculty academic and career advising and mentoring
  • Opportunities to take part in a chemistry, biochemistry and/or physics faculty-mentored research, present at local and national conferences and publish in science journals
  • Access to free chemistry, biochemistry and physics peer tutoring and mentoring
  • Modern facilities equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation
  • Social and professional networking opportunities through department events and seminars, community service and outreach, campus involvement, and scientific meetings attendance
  • Recognition of high achievement through departmental scholarships and awards
  • Opportunities for on-campus employment as laboratory teaching assistants and peer tutors
  • Opportunities to apply for summer internships in academia, government, and industry

Where Can My Degree Take Me?

You"ll be captivated by the many doors a degree in the physical sciences can open for you! Our graduates have an exceptionally high success rate (70%) of admission to graduate or professional school. Our pre-professional specializations are gateways to great careers, and include:

  • Pre-medical
  • Pre-dental
  • Pre-pharmacy
  • Pre-veterinary

Additionally, many of our graduates enter the workforce as industrial or analytical chemists in a variety of scientific careers.

A Place for Discovery

When you enroll in a physical sciences major or minor, you gain the support and encouragement of a community of researchers and explorers. In and out of the classrooms and laboratories, we offer opportunities to connect and share our passion for science.

  • Faculty-mentored research - can lead to local and national recognition
  • Lab assistant jobs - allow students to further integrate into the department
  • Summer research opportunities - fully funded positions in a variety of university, industry and government labs around the world
  • Volunteer outreach - our Chemistry and Physics Tournamentfor high school students, Chemistry Club demonstrations at local elementary schools, and participation in the C.O.A.C.H. program for hands-on education of under-resourced students are just some of the ways undergraduates in our department can become involved with the community

Mentorship by Experts

Our faculty provide direct mentorship based on their broad and highly regarded research interests and career expertise. They are members of national and international professional societies and networks, serve as reviewers and editors for major scientific journals, lead prominent boards and committees, and assist with the selection of grant recipients for organizations such as the International Fulbright Scholar Program and the National Science Foundation.