Program Overview

Dr. Guillermo Wated

Dr. Guillermo Wated presents research on accent and stress at one of the departments "Brown Bag" presentations

Barry University's Department of Psychology is housed within the College of Arts and Sciences. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS) prepares you for many different career paths. Although a master's degree or doctoral degree is required  to pursue a career as a clinical or experimental psychologist, students with a bachelor's degree in psychology are well qualified for careers that value strong analytical skills, problem solving skills, written and oral communication skills, and people skills.

The Forensic Psychology Specialization will enhance eligibility for graduate study in forensic and clinical psychology and law and positions related to probation, incarceration programs, juvenile detention, social and legal agencies, and agencies working with victims and offenders.
The Industrial/Organizational Psychology Specialization will enhance the eligibility of psychology majors for graduate study in I/O psychology, human resources management (HRM), organizational behavior and organizational learning and leadership. At the bachelor's level, the specialization may enhance eligibility for entry-level positions in the HRM field. The Child and Adolescent Development Specialization will prepare students for entry-level positions in organizations that serve children, adolescents, and families. It is also a stepping-stone to graduate programs in human development and family studies, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, counseling, and social work.

Students majoring in psychology at Barry University enjoy the advantages of small classes, personalized academic advising, and experiential learning opportunities through independent research and community-based service learning. Alumni of Barry University's Department of Psychology have been successful in gaining admission into a variety of master's and doctoral programs. They are also employed in a number of agencies and business organizations.

A Bachelors & Law Degree In Six Years (3 + 3 Program)

Students in the Psychology program also have the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree and a law degree in a combined six years. Details of this program can be found here

Career Insights for Psychology (BS)