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Instrumental Performance Specialization

Instrumental Performance

If you’re striving for a degree in Music at Barry University, you can concentrate on the Instrumental Performance Specialization. The specialization emphasizes the study of a primary instrument, with the option of a secondary instrument: piano, brass, guitar, strings, percussion, or woodwinds. The distinguished music faculty will give you the individual attention that you need and provide you with frequent performance opportunities. You will be able to participate in ensembles, formal and informal performances on and off-campus, and applied lessons.

BA in Instrumental Performance

39 credits total
37 credits of music core

2 credits from Electives

Music Core 37 credits
MUS 109Theory I

3 cr.

MUS 110 Theory II3 cr.
MUS 135Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 136 Applied Music

2 cr.

MUS 186  Ensemble 1 cr.
MUS 211Theory III3 cr.
MUS 212Theory IV3 cr.
MUS 287Applied Music 2 cr.
MUS 288 Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 327Hist: Baroque and Classical 3 cr.
MUS 328History: Romantic Music3 cr.
MUS 329History :  20th Century Mus3 cr.
MUS 340Sightsinging / Eartraining

1 cr.

MUS 384Conducting 12 cr.
MUS 386Ensemble (3x for 1cr.) 3 cr.
MUS 497Senior Seminar 1 cr.

BM in Instrumental Performance

65 credits total
45 credits of Music Core
13 credits of Specialization Requirements
7 credits of Electives

Music Core: 45 cr. 
MUS 109Theory I3 cr.
MUS 110Theory II3 cr.
MUS 135Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 136 Applied Music 

2 cr.

MUS 186Ensemble 1 cr.
MUS 211Theory III 3 cr.
MUS 212 Theory IV3 cr.
MUS 287Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 288Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 327Hist: Baroque and Classical 3 cr.
MUS 328History: Romantic Music3 cr.
MUS 329History :  20th Century Mus3 cr.
MUS 335Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 338Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 340Sightsinging / Eartraining1 cr.
MUS 384 Conducting 1

2 cr.

MUS 386Ensemble (3x for 1cr) 3 cr.
MUS 487  Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 490Applied Music

2 cr.

Instrumental Performance Specialization Requirements

13 cr. for BM degree

MUS 135Applied Music (secondary) 2 cr.
MUS 136Applied Music  (secondary)2 cr.
MUS 192Performance Workshop2 cr.
MUS 326Electronic Music/MIDI3 cr.
MUS 385Conducting  II2 cr.
MUS 386Ensemble (2x-1cr)2 cr.

Electives for both Vocal and Instrumental

4 cr. for BM degree in Vocal Performance
7 cr. for BM degree in Instr. Performance
2 cr. for BA degree

MUS 108ARudiments of Music3 cr.
MUS 135Applied Music 1-2 cr.
MUS 136Applied Music1-2 cr.
MUS 168Percussion Techniques1 cr.
MUS 169Woodwind Techniques1 cr.
MUS 170Brass Techniques1 cr.
MUS 171String Techniques1 cr.
MUS 180University Chorale 1 cr.
MUS 200Diction for Singers1 cr.
MUS 205Piano Sight Reading1 cr.
MUS 223Piano Literature I1 cr.
MUS 234Piano Literature II1 cr.
MUS 287Applied Music1- 2 cr.
MUS 288Applied Music1- 2 cr.
MUS 302Accompaniment  1 cr.
MUS 303Sound Reinforcement3 cr.
MUS 309Survey of Vocal Literature I 1 cr.
MUS 310Survey  of Vocal Literature II

1 cr.

MUS 324Musical Theater Styles I 3 cr.
MUS 325Musical Theater Styles II3 cr.
MUS 326Electronic Music/MIDI3 cr.
MUS 330The Amer. Musical Theater:GA3 cr.
MUS 335Applied Music1-2 cr.
MUS 338Applied Music1-2 cr.
MUS 350Hist. of Sacred Music Lit.3 cr.
MUS 359Independent Study3 cr.
MUS 375Piano Pedagogy1 cr.
MUS 380University Chorale1 cr.
MUS 385Conducting  II2 cr.
MUS 420Vocal Interpretation1 cr.
MUS 422Instrumental Interpretation1 cr.
MUS 476Methods in Music Education3 cr.

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