Honors Certificate Program in Environmental and Earth Law

Barry’s Honors Certificate Program in Environmental and Earth Law offers students a practical and visionary curriculum that includes a diverse array of environmental courses, skills and clinical experiences, and writing opportunities.  The certificate program is embedded in an Earth-friendly academic community that provides field activities such as tours of Florida’s springs and visits to manatee habitats, networking opportunities with environmental and land use attorneys, active student groups, and a host of workshops and conferences such as the Environmental and Earth Law Summit and the Future Generations Conference.  The curriculum includes a module of core courses, such as:

  • Introduction to Environmental Law, Jurisprudence, and Justice
  • Environmental Law
  • Administrative Law and Florida Administrative Law and Environmental Regulation
  • A Skills Component (including the Environmental and Earth Law Clinic and Environmental Externships)
  • A Writing Component (including a seminar class, directed research project, and an environmental  paper published in Barry Law Review or in Barry’s Environmental and Earth Law Journal)

Barry has distinguished faculty members teaching courses in the certificate program, including:

In addition, Barry has attracted a host of experienced adjunct professors who work in private practice, with state and local agencies, and with non-profits.  Barry’s professors offer a diverse selection of environmental courses including the following: Administrative Law, Admiralty Law, Animal Law and Practice, Climate Change Law and Policy, Comparative Water Law (Netherlands), Earth Jurisprudence Seminar, Earth Jurisprudence Survey Course, Energy Law, Environmental and Earth Law Clinic, Environmental Externships, Environmental Law, Florida Administrative Law and Environmental Regulation, Florida Constitutional Law, International Environmental Law and Policy, International Law of the Sea, Land Use Planning, Ocean and Coastal Law and Policy, Oil and Gas Law, and Water Pollution Law.


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