Online Programs

Life changes are a constant challenge for working adults of all ages as they must adapt to new situations, new jobs or new goals. With Barry University Online, nontraditional learners can embrace change and adaptation without disrupting their learning goals. We empower our students to become the architects of their own learning experience as a member of a learning community of fellow professionals, all connected by the same objectives and desires.

Online courses and degree programs at Barry University enable students to maximize the outcome of their learning experience through intensive collaboration, exchange of ideas and experiences. The faculty is always prepared and excited to provide the best academic support and create a productive learning environment.

Barry University offers the following online degree programs:

Administration (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Administration was created for adult learners with professional experience who are ready to progress to the next level in their careers. Highly affordable and accessible, this program gives you the administrative and leadership competencies you need to thrive in any organization, while rewarding you with college credit for the professional skills you already bring to the table. The Bachelor of Science in Administration will provide the path toward achieving your academic, professional, and personal goals.

Administration (MA)

The Master of Arts in Administration (MAA) degree program is designed for working professionals with increasing responsibility for leading and managing modern organizations. It is a thirty six (36) credit hour graduate degree program that addresses topics related to administration, leadership, applied research, values and ethics, strategy, human resources, diversity, finance, project management, and information technology.

Curriculum and Instruction (MS) Specialization in Early and Middle Childhood Education

The Barry University Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction – Early and Middle Childhood Education online program gives you a comprehensive understanding of how to develop curriculum using educational theory and student evaluation. Graduates will be able to adhere to organizational standards to evaluate, design, and implement instructional materials.

Curriculum and Instruction (MS) Specialization in Mathematics Education

The Barry University Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction – Mathematics Education online program is designed for P-12 teachers aspiring to add mathematics pedagogy and current theoretical knowledge into their instructional practices.

Doctorate in Social Work (DSW)

The Doctorate in Social Work (DSW) degree is designed for MSW practitioners seeking a doctoral-level practice-focused degree in clinical practice. Graduates are prepared to be experts in trauma-informed clinical practice, program and organizational management, and to be producers/disseminators of practice-based knowledge for both the professional practice community and Schools of Social Work.

Educational Leadership (EDD)

The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership online program prepares you for advanced leadership positions in a range of educational institutions from PK-12 through technical/vocational schools.

Educational Leadership (MS)

The Master of Science in Educational Leadership program from Barry University is designed for educators who want to pursue leadership opportunities both in state and out of state in private, charter, or parochial schools. This 100 percent online program, taught by the same distinguished faculty who teach on campus, will give you the knowledge and professional skill sets you need to become a professional leader.

Educational Leadership with Florida Certification (MS)

Gain the knowledge, skills, and dispositions you need to become a highly accomplished professional leader in Florida public school districts—as well as charter, private, or parochial school settings—with a Master of Science in Educational Leadership with Florida Certification from Barry University. This 100 percent online program is designed for Florida-certified teachers seeking to obtain Level I certification in Florida.

Emergency Management (BS)

The demand upon first-responders and agencies in our world of natural and man-made disasters has never been greater, and the need for experienced professionals to mitigate the chaos is increasing as a result. The field of emergency management integrates all activities related to building, sustaining, and improving the preparation for, response to, and recovery from threatened or actual natural disasters and acts of terrorism. This includes proactive leadership in unpredictable, catastrophic, and dangerous situations to minimize risk to responders and the public.

Exceptional Student Education (MS)

Learn the appropriate instructional strategies and techniques to address the needs of students with exceptionalities with a Master of Science in Exceptional Student Education from Barry University. This 100 percent online program is designed for working professionals—with or without teaching experience—who want to work with K-12 children and youth with mild disabilities, both academic and behavioral, inside or outside of public schools.

Health Services Administration (BS)

The Bachelor of Science is Health Services Administration gives you a broad view of today's health care industry, including business practices and management skills. The degree program prepares you for entry and middle management positions in such areas as hospitals, medical or dental clinics, group medical practices, managed care organizations, long-term care facilities, insurance companies, home health agencies, and governmental health agencies.

Higher Education Administration (MS)

The Master of Science in Higher Education Administration online program opens up dynamic leadership opportunities in higher education by giving you a broad perspective focusing on both student affairs and academic administration.

Nursing (PhD)

The PhD provides a framework for inquiry that is responsive to global trends and contemporary challenges in nursing and health care. It is grounded in a perspective that seeks justice, eschews prejudice, and embraces community service. Educational experience is enhanced by the multicultural and multifaceted nature of South Florida.

Nursing Practice (DNP)

Our Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) program is for nurses who have already obtained their Master of Science in Nursing. This program allows you to complete the DNP program within five semesters (two years) plus completion of the DNP project. One on-campus session will be required.

Nursing Practice (DNP) Specialization in Anesthesiology

This practice-focused doctoral program has been designed for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) holding a master's degree or higher. The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) with a specialization on Anesthesiology prepares CRNAs to acquire the clinical, organizational, financial and leadership knowledge to design and implement programs of care delivery which significantly impact health care outcomes.

Public Administration (BPA)

The Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) is the most acceptable undergraduate degree for professional employment in general public administration and is highly desirable for most of the special applications such as police, fire and planning. The public administration degree is of special interest to the working professional in public and not-for-profit organizations and those who wish to pursue a career in public management. The purpose of the Bachelor of Public Administration degree is course work is designed to provide the student with an understanding and working application of the principles essential to the effective management of all public agencies.

Public Administration (MPA)

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) online program is designed as a professional development program for adult learners with a focus on the administration of public, not-for-profit, and other organizations which serve a public purpose. Its philosophical background and explicit content are grounded in an assessment of how the modern public sector workplace has evolved and the factors responsible for this evolution. It is the mission of the MPA to instill in learners a commitment to ethical public service for the protection of the public interest and public trust, and generate solutions to human, social, economic and environmental problems.

Public Administration (MPA) Specialization in Nonprofit

As a part of the MPA program the Specialization will inform the distinctive administration skills needed by those working in nonprofit agencies and those working in both private and public sectors that work in partnership with nonprofit organizations. This specialization is intended for new and current Barry University MPA students who want to acquire skills in leading nonprofit organizations. The specialization courses are offered fully online and at selected sites across the state of Florida.

Reading (MS)

The Master of Science in Reading online program empowers you to guide students with reading difficulties by providing hands-on and practical skills that can lead to career advancement. Our online coursework is taught by the same dedicated faculty who teach on campus. You can complete your degree in as few as 18 months.

Social Work (MSW)