Patricia M. Feito

Patricia M. Feito is Associate Professor of English and Academic Coordinator of English for the School of Professional And Career Education.   She earned her Ph.D. in English at the University of California, Irvine where she specialized in literary modernism, the novel, critical theory and composition theory.  She earned her M. A. in English and English Language at the University of Michigan, and her B.A. in English at Florida International University.   Dr. Feito joined the faculty at Barry University in 1995 and has served as the Academic Coordinator for English at the School of Professional And Career Education since 1998. Her interests lie in the areas of modern and contemporary fiction and poetry, the psychology of reading and creativity, theories of adult learning, and the intersection of all of these areas with the natural world we inhabit.  A teacher foremost, Dr. Feito’s teaching philosophy may be summarized as one that seeks to wed the richly lived experiences of reading and writing with the analytical skills inherent in academic thinking in order to promote personal and intellectual integration in the development of adult learners.