You Have What It Takes – Do You Have What You Need As An Online Learner?

The School of Professional And Career Education (PACE) at Barry University is committed to the principles and best practices of professional and career education. Therefore, we provide opportunities for students to engage in coursework in an online environment where learning activities can be conveniently scheduled. PACE's online courses offer the same excellent quality as face-to-face courses but with greater flexibility for both scheduling and learning pace. Online courses simply work better for some students, allowing working professionals, for example, to fit higher education into their busy schedules. Other students find that online courses allow them to work at their own pace, helping maximize their learning outcomes.

The School of Professional And Career Education (PACE) at Barry University currently offers fully online programs.

All graduate coursework can be taken online. In addition, you may enroll in a variety of undergraduate online courses including Distribution. Check the class schedule for course offerings.

Why Choose Barry As Your Online Educational Partner?

  • An adult learner centered experience
  • Course rotation that allows degree completion at your own pace
  • Professional academic, career, and personal counseling
  • Practitioner taught and application focused curriculum
  • Financial aid to qualified learners
  • Barry is a military friendly institution

The Barry University Commitment to Online Quality

PACE's "Digital Campus" is part of the tradition of excellence at Barry University. It’s our way of adapting our historical mission of service and access to meet the changing demands of technology, industry, and society. It’s a way of serving our students at all phases of their educational careers.

PACE's online programs are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. PACE adheres to the Best Practices For Electronically Offered Degree and Certificate Programs espoused by the Commission on Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges, and Schools. PACE is a member of Quality Matters, a national benchmark for online course design.

Your Pace, Your Place

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