Celebrating 65 Years of Nursing Education

The year was 1953. Eartha Kitt landed a gold record for the holiday smash hit single, “Santa Baby”, Walt Disney introduced “Peter Pan”and Barry University just added a new program, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Barry University was founded at a time when fewer than 5% of women achieved college degrees and the only female actors on the frontlines of wartime, were nurses assigned to humanitarian roles. 65 years later, women are soldiers on the front lines and men represent one of the fastest growing segments in the nursing profession.

In 1957, Barry University celebrated its first class of 19 nursing graduates. Six decades later, we have graduated hundreds of nurses, who are working throughout the globe, and are highly-respected in their profession.

Like the generations that came before you, you too could be a part of one the oldest and most highly respected nursing programs in Florida.

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