About the Movement Science (General Option) Program

The MS in Movement Science program offers four areas of specialization: athletic training, biomechanics, exercise physiology, and Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology. If you are interested in multiple areas of study, you can enroll in the general Movement Science program. This provides the flexibility to customize your own program of advanced study in order to enhance your professional preparation and expertise in your current field or prepare for future doctoral studies.

This general option in Movement Science requires a total of 36 credits of coursework. The first 12 credits are the Movement Science core courses. For the remaining 24 credits, you can choose the specific courses from each specialization that meet your interests and career goals. To further customize your program, up to six credits can be chosen from any other graduate level courses offered at Barry.

You will select a graduate committee of faculty from various areas of specialization. This team will work with you to ensure that your plan of study is right for you and meets all graduation requirements.