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About SES Academic Advising

Welcome to the Academic Advising Program for students of the Sport & Exercise Sciences Programs. This site will provide you with all of the information, links, and documents required to fully understand and manage your academic program through graduation.

The majority of your academic advising and registration questions can be answered here.

Our Mission:

We strive to enhance the academic development of SES student majors through a holistic and intrusive approach to advising to assist students in achieving their academic goals.

Student/Advisor Guidelines:

You are expected to:You academic advisor is expected to:
Schedule regular appointments or make regular contacts with your academic advisor during each semester. Understand and effectively communicate accurate information regarding distribution and major requirements and other academic policies and procedures.
Become knowledgeable about your requirements for your major in SES.Develop a plan of study for you.
Come prepared to each appointment with your program evaluation.Monitor and document your academic progress.
Ask questions if you do not understand an issue or have a specific concern.Encourage and support you in developing realistic goals and attainable educational plans.
Keep a personal record of your progress toward meeting your goals.Provide information about campus resources and make appropriate referrals.
Follow through with all referrals or recommendations from your academic advisor. Maintain confidentiality.
Become knowledgeable about Barry University’s policies and procedures.Be available to answer questions through appointments or Barry email.
Read your Barry email DAILY. You may want to link this Barry email account with your personal account.
Accept responsibility for your choices throughout your degree.