Performance Psycholog

What is Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology?

What helps an athlete stay focused and motivated to win? What factors cause some teams or businesses to succeed while others fail? How can someone improve their mental well-being through exercise? These are just a few of the many topics you explore in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology.

The field of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology helps people reach peak performance on the field, in the office, and in daily life. It examines the psychological factors that impact and are impacted by performance and participation in sport, exercise, and non-sports performance settings. In fact, sport psychology was recently named a “Hot Career” by the American Psychological Association, for the increased need to address performance not only in athletics but in the corporate world.

Barry University’s program includes these three areas to give you a solid foundation in this unique field:

  • Sport Psychology focuses on performance excellence and the well-being of athletes, coaches, teams, and athletic organizations.
  • Exercise Psychology focuses on the promotion and maintenance of health-enhancing behaviors and physical activity.
  • Performance Psychology focuses on performance excellence and the well-being of non-sport performers in areas such as business, the military, and the performing arts.

If this sounds like the right field for your, check out some of the advantages that Barry University’s Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology program has to offer. You can also ask us a question online or schedule a visit to meet with a professor.