Barry University - Honor Societies Logos

General Information

The Honors Committee accepts applications twice a year for elections to the following honor societies: Alpha Chi, Delta Epsilon Sigma, and Kappa Gamma Pi. Phi Eta Sigma is for first-year students only. Phi Eta Sigma elects students once a year (during Spring semester). See “Criteria” to determine eligibility. Students eligible for Phi Eta Sigma will be contacted by the faculty moderator by the end of February of each year. Please note that there is no application form required for Phi Eta Sigma. Once contacted, the faculty moderator will inform the applicants on how to complete the application process. For Alpha Chi, Delta Epsilon Sigma, Kappa Gamma Pi, and St. Catherine Medal, see DEADLINES for the appropriate semester.

If you meet the criteria, please complete the appropriate application form for each honor society you are applying (see “Forms”). Please note that students must be nominated for St. Catherine Medal (see “Forms” for nominating criteria). Your complete application - checklist, service and leadership activities verification form, and letter of recommendation for each honor society for which you are applying - must be delivered to the office of the moderator of the honor society for which you are applying by 5:00 P.M. on the due date. If the due date falls on a weekend or university holiday, the deadline will be 5:00 P.M. on the next scheduled business day.

Please note that service and leadership activities verification form is not required for Alpha Chi, Phi Eta Sigma , and St. Catherine Medal. See each information sheet and application form for that name and office location. Questions regarding the honor societies may be directed to the moderator for the specific society: