Faculty Mentors

The goal of Mentor/Protégé program is to assist our Barry Law students in the process of becoming successful, well-rounded professionals. The faculty mentor plays a vital role in ensuring that students are aware of the outstanding educational opportunities available at Barry Law. Further, the personalized support that students receive through this program is critical in realizing the foundation of the Barry Mission.

Faculty mentors are assigned prior to First Year Orientation and the relationship is expected to continue through law school graduation and through the protégé’s sitting for the bar examination. Many mentor/protégé relationships continue through the alumni’s first few professional years and may continue throughout the alumni’s career.

Mentors will meet initially with protégés within the first few weeks of the fall semester:

  • To provide mentor contact information;
  • To discuss with protégés a plan of when, where, and how often meetings will be held.
  • To encourage discussion among the protégés;
  • To provide practical advice on how to maximize the law school experience;
  • To share experiences and insights: provide information about the mentor’s law school experience; bar examination experience; legal experience;
  • To discuss the necessity of a bar preparation;
  • To discuss opportunities for pro bono service;
  • To encourage participation in SBA social activities.
  • To make protégés aware that mentors are available for individual meetings.

At individual meetings, mentors may discuss the following with students:

  • Compliance with graduation requirements;
  • Importance of professionalism;
  • Efforts toward compliance with the pro bono obligation;
  • Possibilities for meeting the upper level requirement;
  • Guidance on effective career choices;
  • Plans for bar examination preparation;
  • Course selection choices and rationale;
  • The importance of utilizing existing resources (our Academic Success Program, our Bar Preparation Program, Career Services, Clinical Opportunities).