Cost of Education 2019 - 2020

Tuition by Semester

Full-Time Program$18,640$18,640
Technology Fee (Full-time) $75 $75
Part-Time Program$14,080$14,080
Technology Fee (Part-time)$50 $50

*Block tuition. Summer courses are billed per credit hour.

Cost of Education 2019 - 2020

The Cost of Education is the total of tuition plus an estimate of living expenses you can expect to incur while attending Barry Law. The total of scholarship and loan funds that you receive can be no more than the total cost of education.

The estimate for living expenses is based on a combination of factors: a survey of Barry Law students; the 2018 inflation rate applied to our estimate of 17/18 expenses; a survey of providers, such as apartment complexes; and a comparison of our estimates with other institutions in the area and other law schools. The transportation allowance is calculated at the IRS reimbursement rate and includes gasoline and normal upkeep, including tire replacement. Personal/Miscellaneous allowance includes a health insurance component equal to the annual premium for the policy that can be purchased through Barry.

Whether or not this estimate provides sufficiently for you will largely depend on choices you make. Since available funding has limitations, we advise you to consider using cost-cutting tactics, such as living with a roommate instead of living alone, driving a fuel efficient car with a small (or no) payment, etc.

Estimated Living Expenses for Academic Year 2018-2019:

Full-time ProgramPart-time Program
Technology Fee$150$100
Total Estimated Living Expenses$27,550$27,300
  • Full-time division students typically enroll for 13 to 16 semester hours.
  • Part-time division students typically enroll for 6 to 12 semester hours.

Automatic Additions to Cost of Attendance:

1L Students: $100 for the cost of applying for the Bar Application.

Candidates for graduation during enrollment period: $250 Graduation Fee.

All rates given are subject to change without notice.