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Understanding Field Placement

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Barry offers a variety of Field placements across south Florida. These field placements include schools, addiction facilities, medical, health and mental health organizations, public and non-profit organizations serving diverse communities, juvenile justice, child welfare agencies, rehabilitative facilities, and veteran services.

These Field placements offer students an opportunity to examine their professional practice, discover new interests, obtain new insights, and hone existing or further develop their professional and social work skills. Although Field placements vary according to mission, population, services, community and social work practice, they are all extensions of our program in the community; a live classroom with many dynamics taking place at once. Therefore, it is important for students to understand that as they become a part of this live classroom, they become a part of the realities of field placement dynamics. Field Education is here to support them through this very exciting, challenging, sometimes uncertain but fulfilling learning experience. We at Barry believe that Field Education’s purpose is to create a sense of preparedness as you move into professional social work practice.

Field Placement Process

Students complete an online Field application and submit the application to Field Education no later than 11:59pm (EST) on the stated deadline. The Assistant Director of Field Education reviews each application and schedules an interview to match students to an approved field agency. Once a match is confirmed, students are provided with a referral and directed to schedule the agency field interview and begin the confirmation of their field placement by the stated deadline.

Field Program Sites

Barry has three Field program sites, Miami Shores (Main Campus) and surrounding counties, and two off-site locations, Palm Beach/Treasure Coast and Ft. Myers and each of their surrounding counties

Field Hours within a Concurrent Schedule

The Field Education course is offered during day time and weekday hours. It is important to note that although Field Education works diligently to identify community agency placements that support our program goals, a limited number of placements offer evening or weekend qualified* learning experiences. Therefore, students must adjust their schedules accordingly to meet the Field course and hour requirements. *Supervision by a qualified Field Educator or Task Supervisor and purposeful learning experiences

Own Agency Placements (OAP)

Own Agency Placement (OAP) is an approved Field placement in a community-based agency where the student is also employed. Students may request an OAP Field placement; however OAP requests must meet a specific set of criteria prior to obtaining final approval from Field Education.

Evening and Weekend Placements

Field Education recognizes the growing demand for evening and weekend field placements. However, these placement opportunities are very limited, and therefore, Field Education does not guarantee evening and weekend placements to any students. Please note: students are referred on a first come first serve basis; therefore, we encourage you to consider your ability to complete the social work program in the absence of guaranteed evening and weekend options.

Placement by Area of Interest

Field Education will make every effort to seek placements in line with Students’ area of interest. Students who are unable to obtain a placement in their area of interest may have to consider other placement sites, populations of interest and preferred geographic locations.

Anticipated Delays

It is important to note that in the Field placement process, students may encounter delays due to scheduling, completion of all required documents, and/ or background / health screenings. Field Education will continue to support the student in this Field process.

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