Tony Wallner, Ph.D.

Zuzana Zajickova, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs,
Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University, 1992.
MS in Analytical Chemistry, University of Michigan, 1988.
BS in Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, 1986.

Joined Barry: August 2000.


  • CHE 111, CHE 111L General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis with Lab, I
  • CHE 112, 112L General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis with Lab, II
  • CHE 198 / PHY 198/ MAT 199 History / Philosophy of Science for Honor Students
  • CHE 321 Quantitative Analysis & Lab
  • CHE 356, CHE 357 Physical Chemistry I & II
  • CHE 366 Physical Chemistry Lab
  • CHE 395, 495 Research
  • CHE 421 Instrumental Analysis
  • CHE 459 Advanced Spectroscopy
  • CHE 490 Senior Seminar

Research Interests

  • NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) studies of UV stabilized polymers (such as polymethylmethacrylate)
  • stability of creatine in various solutions
  • AA (Atomic absorption) analysis of environmental samples (soils and water) for heavy metals
  • Received grant from the Department of Defense Infrastructure Support Program for HBCU/MI, "NMR to Improve Educational and Research Experiences", 2002.

Selected Research Publications

  • "The Use of Writing in Chemistry" invited review CHED Newsletter, Division of Chemical Education, Inc, American Chemical Society, Winter 2001.
  • "The Validity of Stirling's Approximation: A Physical Chemistry Project", A.S. Wallner and K. A. Brandt, Journal of Chemical Education, 76, 1395, 1999.
  • "Technical Writing and Communication in a Senior-Level Seminar", A.S. Wallner and E. Latosi-Sawin, Journal of Chemical Education, 76, 1404.
  • "Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Solid Rocket Propellants and Liners", A.S. Wallner, L.H. Merwin, R.A. Nissan, T.S. Stephens, J. Appl. Poly. Sci., 62, 341, 1996.

Selected Conference Presentations

  • 222nd National American Chemical Society Meeting, Chicago, IL, August 2001.
    • Chair and Organizer of daylong session, A.S. Wallner
    • The Use of Writing in Chemistry. A. S. Wallner.
    • Establishing / Institutionalizing Writing in the Chemistry Curriculum.
      A.S. Wallner, E. Latosi-Sawin.
  • 219th American Chemical Society Meeting, San Francisco, CA, March 2000.
    • Investigations of Slow-set and Fast-set Polymers. C.S. Gieselman, A.S. Wallner.
    • Synthesis Optimization of UV Stabilized Poly(methylmethacrylate). D.M. Aberer, A.S. Wallner.
    • Bomb Calorimetry of Sugars. B. Field, A. S. Wallner.

Honors / Awards

  • Jesse Lee Myers Award for Excellence in Teaching, MWSC, 1998

Professional Memberships

  • American Chemistry Society
  • Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Chemistry Honor Society
  • Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society

Contact Information

Office: Lehman 313
Telephone: 305-899-3433
Fax: 305-899-3479