Pamela D. Hall, PhD

Pamela D. Hall, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology

151 LIB
(305) 899-3272

Dr. Pamela D. Hall joined the faculty of Barry University in the fall of 2009.   She is an Assistant Professor of Psychology.   In addition to teaching, she is the faculty advisor for the Psychology Club. Prior to arriving at Barry University, Dr. Hall taught at Hampton University and worked as a Development Consultant for Southern Partner’s Fund, a non-profit foundation in Atlanta, Georgia.  She received her PhD in Social Psychology with minors in Quantitative and Cognitive Psychology from Ohio State University.  Dr. Hall is actively involved in projects throughout south Florida involving empowerment of children and families, particularly Haitian adolescents.  She has developed service learning partnerships with Liberty City Revitalization Trust, Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church, Sinai Plaza Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Feeding South Florida, and the Haitian Youth Community Center of Florida.  She is running a funded program for Haitian middle and high school students each summer called the Haitian Empowerment and Literacy Project (H.E.L.P.).  The program’s mission is to improve literacy and social skills development of adolescents by using Haitian culture, education, history, and different art mediums.  Each summer she also does social justice volunteer activities at the State University of Haiti and Lakou Soleil Center in St. Raphael, Haiti. 

Research Interests

  • Effect of Music on memory and comprehension
  • Role of meditation in improving memory and reducing anxiety amongst children and adolescents
  • The benefits of service learning on college student development
  • Haitian adolescents academic, emotional, and social development

Selected Supervised Student Research

  • Hernandez, T. (2013). Listening to music, music preference and reading comprehension. Master’s Thesis.
  • Velasco, M. (2013).  Literacy, nutrition, art education and fitness benefits on working memory in Haitian Adolescents.  Master’s Thesis.
  • Profilo, D. A. (2011). The relationship between personality and music preference. Master’s Thesis. 
  • Cleland, S.(2009). The influence of rap and hip-hop music on youth.
  • Jackman, D.(2009). The use of the PhotoVoice methodology to study oppression in Haitian and African-American males. Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) Thesis.

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Hall, P.D., & Rivera-Torres (2011).  Student perceptions regarding the benefits of minority faculty at predominately white colleges and universities.  Journal of Multicultural Education, 7(2), 1-17.
  • Lubin, N., Hall, P.D.,  & Desir, C. (2013). The Haitian academic self.  Poster presented at Florida Academy of Sciences, Miami, Florida.
  • Hall, P.D., Desir, C., & Lubin, N. (2013). The psychological benefits of acculturation  for Haitian American adolescents.  Poster presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Hall, P.D.  (2013). Using service learning to examine college student’s attitudes towards helping.  Poster presented at the Southeastern Psychological Association Annual Convention, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Hall, P.D., Desir, C., Rivera-Torres, K., & Hall, S.  (2012). How do they measure up? Measuring Self-Esteem and Depression levels amongst Haitian Adolescents.  Poster presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida.
  • Hall, P.D., Desir, C., Rivera-Torres, K. (2012).  Haitian American adolescents’ self-esteem trajectories.  Poster presented at the Association of Psychological Sciences Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Hall, P.D.  (2011).  Implementation of service learning in a senior psychology capstone course. Paper presented at the Southeastern Ecological Community Psychology Conference, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Hall, P.D., & Rivera-Torres, K. (2011).  The benefits of minority professors at universities in South Florida.  Poster presented at the Southeastern Psychological Association, Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Desir, C., & Hall, P.D. ( 2011). Haitian High school students find their voice at the Literacy Initiative for Empowerment (L.I.F.E.) Program. Panel presentation at the Qualitative Report Second Annual Conference. Nova Southeastern University,  Davie, Florida.
  • Hall, P.D., & Desir, C. (2010). Literacy Initiative for Empowerment: Haitian High school students in South Florida use PhotoVoice methodology for empowerment. Paper presented at the Haitian Studies Association Annual Conference.  Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.
  • Al-Mateen, C., Best, A., Brookman, R., Hall, P.D., & Singh, N.(1999). Sexual abuse and peri-menstrual symptoms in adolescent girls.  Journal of Interpersonal Violence,14, 1211-1224.
  • Hall, P. D. (January, 1999). The effects of meditation on the academic performance of African-American college students.  Journal of Black Studies, 29, 408-415.
  • Hall, P. D. (July, 1998). The relationship between types of rap music and memory in African-American children.  Journal of Black Studies, 28, 802-814.

Professional Memberships

  • Association of Black Psychologists
  • Association of Psychological Sciences
  • Southeastern Psychological Association

Undergraduate Courses

  • Social Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Community Psychology
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Senior Seminar

Graduate Courses

  • Community Psychology