Dental CurriculumBiomedical Sciences Program Options: Dental Curriculum

The dental curriculum represents an intense program of study that provides a broad biomedical education. It is delivered by an international team of expert faculty at a level consistent with the first year of dental school. Students are required to take the following courses:

Required Courses

Course Code Description Number of Credits
BMS 527Biochem: Metabolic Pathways3
BMS 528Biochem: Molecular & Clin App3
BMS 543Oral Pathology3
BMS 550Histology and Cell Biology w/lab4
BMS 553 Health Law and Ethics 3
BMS 590 Gross Anatomy w/ Lab 6
BMS 595 Human Physiology w/ Lab 6
BMS ### Elective 6
CMP 699 BMS Comprehensive Exam CR/NC
(Credit/No Credit)

Elective Courses

*Elective Options: (minimum of 6 credits)

Course CodeDescription Number of Credits
BMS 501 Biostatistics 3
BMS 507 Basic Research Methodology 2-3
BMS 510 Pathophysiology 3
BMS 511 Forensic Pathology 3
BMS 535 Human Embryology 3
BMS 537Molecular Genetics 3
BMS 555Immunology3
BMS 563Neurosciences3
BMS 600Pathology 4
BMS 620Pharmacology 3
BMS 623Medical Microbiology3
BMS 635Nutrition 2
BMS 644Cancer Biology 3
BMS 648Epidemiology 3
BMS 665Advanced Study 1-3
BMS 670Seminar 2
BMS 675Research3-6