Why do I need a master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences?

Prepare for acceptance to medical or dental school or for a dynamic career in a professional research environment! With a master’s degree in biomedical sciences, your career options include:

  • Increased probability for acceptance to medical or dental school.
  • Research in the biomedical/biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries.
  • Increased probability of acceptance into Biomedical Sciences PhD programs.
  • Working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at the State or local level, or with organizations like the National Institute of Health (NIH), Nationals Science Foundation (NSF), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
Graduate Students with Professor

If you decide not to continue your education to earn a medical or dental degree, you can work in the healthcare industry or teach at a 4-year college with a graduate degree in biomedical sciences.

Record of success: Over the past 25+ years, graduates from Barry’s biomedical sciences program have been accepted to prestigious US medical and dental schools.

Ideal Location: South Florida is becoming one of the country’s hubs for biomedical research. Research opportunities available at local biomedical industry companies can significantly enrich your learning experience. The range of possible research fields includes: immunology, cancer, pharmaceuticals, pharmacokinetics, bone marrow stem cell research, leukemia, terminal diseases, cardiovascular stents, genetics and bioinformatics.

Barry’s biomedical sciences graduate program is specifically designed to help you attain your goals!

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