Priva Fischweicher, PhD

Associate Professor

PhD, Leadership and Education, Higher Education Administration, Barry University 
MS, Teaching and Learning, Nova Southeastern University   
BA, Religious Education, Hadar Tora College
(305) 899-3869    

Priva Fischweicher is an assistant professor in the Leadership and Education, Higher Education Administration department. She served on both the Barry University Faculty Senate and as chair of the Grants, Leaves, and Sabbatical Committee. In addition, Dr. Fischweicher represented the University on the Ethics Advisory Committee of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. She currently is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research and the Journal of Hispanic Higher Education. Dr. Fischweicher has also served as a book and article reviewer for both the Oxford University Press and Sage Publications. Prior to becoming a full-time faculty member at Barry University, Dr. Fischweicher spent more than two decades in the K-12 system, as both a teacher and an administrator in public, charter, and/or private schools in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. She holds certification in Educational Leadership from the Florida Department of Education. Premised on Dr. Fischweicher's experience, her areas of interest include leadership, organizational change, career development, the dissertation/capstone process, teaching and learning, and career development.


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  • Fischweicher, P., McAtavey, J., & Markovic, J. (2015). Perceptions of doctoral students during the dissertation process. Paper presented at the International Conference on Doctoral Education.
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  • Warner, J. V. W., Fischweicher, P., & Shine, A. E. (2015) Teacher researchers and educators: Is RTI making a difference? Paper presented at the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers Conference, Costa Mesa, CA.
  • Borgen, R., & Fischweicher, P. (2014) Response to Intervention: Empowering the ‘Twice-Exceptional' gifted learner. Paper presented at the Florida Association for the Education of Young Children Conference, Orlando FL.