The Adrian Dominican School of Education provides each student with an academic advisor who assists the student in attaining educational goals and fulfilling Barry University requirements.

Academic advisors aid students by

  • Helping prospective students to define educational goals, select a program of study, and apply to the University;
  • Working with students in selecting appropriate coursework each term and in interpreting institutional requirements;
  • Assisting students in the portfolio process;
  • Referring students to appropriate institutional services and resources beyond the scope of the advisor; and
  • Evaluating students progress on a regular basis relative to the student's goals and Barry University's requirements, including verification of degree completion.
  • Academic advisors are in all PACE locations. For continuity, it is important that the student retain the same advisor throughout the program.

The Adrian Dominican School of Education endeavors to achieve quality academic advisement for each student. It also incorporates student participation and responsibility in this endeavor. The Student Bulletin states the following:

While Barry University provides academic advising, the responsibility for planning individual programs rests with the students. Students are expected to become familiar with the requirements of the University, the Adrian Dominican School of Education, and their major disciplines.