Clare E. Owen, MSN, RN, CCRN-CSC, TNCC

Clare Owen

Assistant Program Director, Undergraduate Nursing Education

Office: Wiegand 133
Phone: 305-899-4895


Master of Science in Nursing (Education), Barry University, 2009
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Phoenix, 2006
Cardiothoracic Nurse Specialist, University of Leicester, England, Great Britain, 1991
Registered General Nurse, Hammersmith and Queen Charlotte’s College of Nursing and
Midwifery, London, England, Great Britain, 1988


Miss Owen has been an instructor in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Barry University since 2009. Originally from Wales, Great Britain, she received her initial nurse education in London, England and then attended the University of Leicester’s Cardiothoracic Nurse Specialist program. Miss Owen first came to the United States in 1992 as a travel nurse. After many years working in surgical, transplant, trauma, and cardiothoracic intensive care units in a variety of bedside and administrative roles, she graduated with her master’s degree in nurse education and accepted a position at Barry University.

Miss Owen teaches high acuity nursing and pharmacology in both the traditional and accelerated options of the undergraduate nursing program. She has a passion for all aspects of critical care nursing and particularly enjoys helping students to hone their clinical reasoning skills when caring for complex, hemodynamically unstable patients in the intensive care unit environment. Miss Owen is the director of the Division of Nursing’s AHA CPR Training Center and is committed to ensuring that all students entering the nursing program receive the highest quality instruction in current resuscitative practices.


Miss Owen has a particular interest in RN-to-BSN education and this is the focus of her doctoral dissertation, which is currently in process.