Athletic Training BS Curriculum

Distribution Requirements and Co-requisites: 48 credit-hours

As a student in Athletic Training, you will be required to complete 12 credit-hours in science and mathematics, bringing you above the University's distribution requirement of 45 credit-hours.: Courses listed as specifically required are shown below each subject area and must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Theology and Philosophy: 9 credit-hours
THE 210Theology: Faiths, Beliefs and Traditions(3)
PHI 220Introduction to Philosophy(3)

Written and Oral Communication: 9 credit-hours
ENG 111First Year Composition & Rhetoric(3)
ENG 112 OR 210Techniques of Research or Writing About Literature(3)
SPE 101 OR COM 104 OR
TH 155

Science and Mathematics: 16 credit-hours
BIO 220/ 220LIntroduction to Human Anatomy and Laboratory(4)
BIO 240/ 240LIntroduction to Human Physiology and Laboratory(5)
MAT 152Elementary Probability & Statistics(3)
SES 361/361LExercise Physiology and Laboratory (Also required in SES core but counted in distribution)(4)

Social and Behavioral Sciences: 9 credit-hours
BEH/SOCElectives from approved Distribution List(6)

Humanities and the Fine Arts: 9 credit-hours
From Approved Distribution List (9)

SES Core Requirements: 18 credit-hours
SES 210Foundations of Sport & Exercise Sciences(3)
SES 212/ 212LEmergency Response and Laboratory(3)
SES 270Concepts of Fitness & Wellness(3)
SES 335Introduction to Sport Psychology(3)
SES 340Adapted Physical Activity, Sport & Recreation(3)
SES 480Contemporary Issues and Ethics in Sport & Exercise Sciences(3)

Athletic Training Major Requirements: 55 credit-hours
CS 180Digital Literacy(3)
SES 181A. T. Pre-Clinical Skills I(1)
SES 220/ 220LCare and Prevention of Musculoskeletal Injuries & Laboratory(4)
SES 281A. T. Pre-Clinical Skills II(1)
SES 316/ 316LTherapeutic Modalities and Laboratory(4)
SES 318/ 318LTherapeutic Exercise and Laboratory(4)
SES 320/ 320LKinesiology & Laboratory(4)
SES 321/ 321LAdvanced Upper Extremity Assessment of Athletic Injuries and Laboratory(4)
SES 322/ 322LAdvanced Lower Extremity Assessment of Athletic Injuries and Laboratory(4)
SES 330Nutrition for Physical Performance(3)
SES 381AA.T. Pre-Clinical Skills II Pt. 1(2)
SES 381BA.T. Pre-Clinical Skills II Pt. 2(2)
SES 481AA.T. Pre-Clinical Skills III Pt. 1(2)
SES 481BA.T. Pre-Clinical Skills III Pt. 2(2)
SES 487Senior Seminar in Athletic Training(3)
SES 499AA.T. Internship - I(6)
SES 499BA.T. Internship - II(6)

Degree Total (Athletic Training, BS): 125 Credit-Hours