A message from the Public Safety Department

A message from the Public Safety Department

Public Safety would like to remind the Barry Community that Bicycle Registration/and Safety event will be held on Friday, April 5, 2013 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the Andreas Courtyard. Officer Cliff Vickers from the Miami Shores Police Department will be there registering bicycles; and Carlos Sarmiento, from Florida Department of Transportation, will be there passing out bicycle reflectors.

The Department of Public Safety at Barry University is committed to reducing bicycle theft and vandalism. We encourage bicycle owners to properly lock their bikes at designated areas. Do not lock your bike to something weaker than your bike lock (small trees, chain link fences, etc.). When off campus and there is no bike rack available, choose carefully what you lock your bike to. Make sure your bike cannot be stolen by lifting it over what you have chosen to lock it to. Test the lock to make sure your bike is secure. Be respectful of other traffic. Do not block pedestrian passage or use handrails, especially wheelchair ramps and structures near handicapped accessible areas.

The Crime Prevention office is one the Barry donation sites for the Verizon HopeLine program. This national initiative collects cell phones for victims of domestic violence. Usable phones are either sold or refurbished to give to victims. Phones that cannot be salvaged are recycled in environmentally friendly ways. Please donate you old cell phones for a great cause.

Barry University reminds its students, faculty, staff and visitors that continued caution and vigilance are necessary components of your own personal safety and the safety of all in the Barry community. We encourage all to report crimes and/or suspicious behavior to Public Safety by calling 305-899-3333 or visiting www.barry.edu/publicsafety/silentwitness.htm, a confidential way of providing information via Barry's website.

Keep up-to-date on campus safety by checking out our periodic updates on Bucwis and Barry News. For more information about Barry's Public Safety Department, visit http://bucwis.barry.edu/publicSafety/.