A message from the Purchasing Department

A message from the Purchasing Department

Members of the Barry community,

As a reminder to all departments, please ensure that all documents for existing approved commitments, such as invoices (inclusive of capital equipment), etc., are submitted to Purchasing as soon as received, but no later than June 20, 2013.

Also, remember to accept goods as soon as received. In order to process and record transactions against the current year’s budget, all requisitions must be received by June 10, 2013. We understand that emergencies or last minute purchases/services may come up but let it be the “exceptions.”

Keep in mind that goods must be received, services must be completed, and invoices submitted before June 30, 2013 in order for them to be included in FY2013.

Also remember the following:
• Please allow as much time as possible for the review and approval process of new contracts or renewals (suggested time is two to three weeks) that have been approved for the new 2014 fiscal year
• Allow additional time for items requiring quotes
• Purchases in excess of $2,500 for goods and certain services require the submission of three quotes

Please keep in mind, that any item that  is purchased at the end of FY, and received after June 30, will be charged to next fiscal year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Purchasing at 305-899-4910 or email us at Purchasing@mail.barry.edu.  

Thank you for your cooperation,
Sandra Madison